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Chat Commands

Input starting with a slash (/) is reserved for special commands. Available commands are listed below. Let us know if you have suggestions for other useful commands.

Posting actions

/me <action>

Tell the other users what I am doing (in the third person). E.g.: /me smiles => "John smiles"

/time +0200

Show the current time in the indicated time zone. Default is GMT/UTC. The optional time zone parameter must be in the format +/-HHMM. Tell me more.


Randomly select either heads or tails.


Randomly select a number between 1 and 6. A number may be added indicating a maximum outcome other than 6. E.g.: /rolldie 9 => selects a number between 1 and 9.

/choose red, green, blue

Randomly select between the given parameters (e.g. red, green and blue). Minimum two parameters must be supplied, separated with commas.

/image <URL> <message>

Post an Internet Image with the given URL (internet address). The message is optional.

You need this command only if the image URL does not end with .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png. URL's with these extensions are automatically converted into images.

For security reasons, only registered users can post images, and only in Virtual Rooms.

/watch <URL> <ratio> <title>

Watch a video or web page inside the room while you are chatting. Only the URL parameter is required; you can optionally specify a ratio, e.g. 16:9 or 4:3, and/or set your own title. E.g.: /watch This song is everywhere

Your visitor icon will indicate what you are watching and other visitors can click on your visitor icon (next to your name) to watch the same video/URL.

The /watch command is automatically submitted when you click on YouTube and Vimeo videos posted in the room.


Post a Google Map showing your current location, based on your browser's location capabilities (when available).

/message or /m

Write a longer message for the room.

User actions

/status <message>

Update your visitor status with a text of your choice. Your visitor status is a personal message that is displayed on the Visitor List, as well as when visitors mouse over your visitor icon in the visitor pane.

/away <message>

Mark me temporarily away from the chat (the Visitor List will reflect this). If you include a message (optional), your visitor status will reflect this while you are away.

/leave or /bye <message>

Leave the chat, letting other users know. If you include a message (optional), your offline visitor status will reflect this.

/pm <username> <message>

Personal Message. Sends a message to the chosen visitor. If the visitor name has spaces in it, put quotes around it, e.g.:
/pm "John Doe" good to see you, John

If the visitor is in the room, the message will be delivered immediately; if not, it will be shown when the visitor comes back. Until the message is delivered, it can be changed; only the last edit is kept.

PM's can only be sent in Premium Rooms or by Premium Users.

/note <username> <message>NEW!

Leave a Mod-note for the chosen visitor (or edit any existing one). Only Moderators can do this and only in Premium Rooms.

/ignore <username>

Tells your local device to ignore specific visitors.

The username must be (the entire) visitor name you want to ignore.


Remove all hidden text (created with the [x]...[/x] spoiler tags) in the room. To hide all text again, simple refresh the page (by pressing enter).

/skin or /skin- or /skin+ <skin string>

/skin Suggest a Temporary Skin for other visitors in the room. Visitors wanting to try out the skin will have to click on the link that gets posted.

/skin- Set a Temporary Skin, only for the person running the command.

/skin+ Apply a new Room Skin for all current and future visitors. Only the room administrator can run this command, and only in Premium Rooms.

/image- <URL>

Quickly change your own background image (part of your Temporary Skin).

/find <text>

Search for in the chat history

/bookmark <number>

Go directly to the post corresponding to the number. These numbers can be obtained under Review Mode, by clicking "Book".

Admin actions

/silence <username> <message>

Makes a visitor silent, optionally with a personal message. Silenced visitors can follow the chat, but not participate.

/kick <username> <message>

Kicks a visitor temporarily out of the room, optionally with a personal message.

Since the user can simply choose another name, no ban is upheld against the user – he or she can enter again (unless the room is full).

/ban <username> <message>

Bans a user from the room permantly. If a message is entered (optional), it will be shown the next time the users tries to enter.

Only available in rooms where visitors are required to be registered with Chatzy.

/block <username> <message>

Block the IP address of a visitor, optionally with a personal message. This command will bring up a confirmation box with more options.

/allow <username>

Removes any bans (or moderator rights) from a user and adds the user to the list of accepted emails.

Only available in rooms where visitors are required to be registered with Chatzy.

/promote <username>

Promotes a user to Room Moderator.

If the user is not registered by email, this promotion will be temporary only. Moderators can only be appointed in Premium Rooms.


Kicks out everybody, except Room Administrators (visitors with the admin password). A message will be shown asking the visitors to reenter. Useful after a change in the room's access properties.


Closes the chat for posting. Until it is reopened, only the room administrator(s) can post.


Reopens the chat for posting (after the /close command has been used).

/gm <message>

Global Message. Sends an immediate message to everybody who is logged in. If no message is included, shows the last Global Message sent.

The message is shown in a popup box instead of in the main chat window. The message is only shown once and only to current visitors.

/rb <message>

Room Board. Updates the Room Board with the included message. If no message is included, shows the current Room Board for editing.


Add or edit Content Rules for the room

Hidden Room Properties

The /set <property> <value> command sets (or reads, if no value is supplied) hidden room properties:

/set MaxVisitorsAllowedSet a maximum number of concurrent visitors in the room, between 1 and 500. Use 0 to allow as many visitors as possible (= default).
/set HidePreviousAliasShow or hide the previous alias of a visitor. Values: 0 = show (default), 1 = hide.
/set MaxPostLengthChange the maximum number of chars per post, between 50 and 9999. Use 0 to revert to the default (= 4000 chars per post).
/set MaxAliasLengthSet the maximum number of chars in a visitor name/alias, up to 50. Use 0 to revert to the default (= 30 chars).
/set MaxEmojisInAliasLimit the number of Emojis (Font Icons) in a name/alias, from 0 to 99. Use 0 to not allow any emojis. Use 99 to use an unlimited number of emojis (= default).
/set MaxEmojisPerPostLimit the number of Emojis (Font Icons) that one post can contain, from 0 to 99. Use 0 to not allow any emojis. Use 99 to allow an unlimited number of emojis (= default).
/set MaxIconsPerPostLimit the number of Emoticons (Image Icons) per post. Use 0 to block emoticons. Use 1 to revert to the default of max one emoticon per post. Max is 99.
/set AllowUnsafeCharsAllow Unsafe Characters that can be used for spamming or disturbing the room. Values: 0 = do not allow (default), 1 = allow.
/set ReviewUnreadBytesSet the minimum size (in bytes) at which the "Contents added since your last visit" message is shown. To always hide the message, use a very high number (max 9999999999). Use 0 to revert to the default (= 2048 bytes).
/set VisitorListVerbosityNEW!Choose whether the Visitor List should show when people are denied entry to the room: 0 = never show, 1 = show for registered users (default), 2 = always show. Notice that the Visitor List never shows people that failed the initial checks, such as entering a valid name/alias and the room password (when set).
/set DuplicatePolicyNEW!Choose how to deal with duplicate visitors. 0 = default, 1 = allow duplicates, 2 = do not allow multiple aliases, 3 = also do not allow the use of multiple devices at the same time. Notice that changes only enter into effect after a person has reentered the room. Tell me more

Menu shortcuts

/help or /h

Show this page. Same as clicking "Commands" in the left menu.

/prefs or /p

Same as clicking "My Preferences" in the left menu.

/invite or /i

Same as clicking "Invite / Share".

/visitors or /v

Same as clicking "Visitor List".


Same as clicking "My Messages".

/review or /r

Same as clicking "Review Mode".

/clear or /c

Same as clicking "Clear Room".


Same as clicking "Room Properties".

/alert or /a, /a-, /a+

Turn message alerts on and off, either toggling between them or choosing directly.

/hw <words>, /hw+ <words>, /hw-

Applies the Highlight Words function, either to all messages or new messages only, or turns off highlighting altogether.

/board or /1, /pane or /2, /input or /3, /menu or /4

Shows or hide (1) the expanded Room Board, (2) the visitor pane, (3) the multi-line input field, or (4) the left menu.

/font <1-5>

Changes the font size used for room content. 1 is the smallest font and 5 is the largest. E.g.: /font 3 => select font size 3 (default).

Text formatting tags

HTML tags such as <B>...</B> are not allowed, but some of them can nevertheless be used in a slightly modified form.

They can also be applied using Keyboard Shortcuts. Show with the /keys command.

[b] ... [/b]

Makes the text between the brackets Bold

[u] ... [/u]

Makes the text between the brackets Underlined

[i] ... [/i]

Makes the text between the brackets Italic

[s] ... [/s]

Makes the text between the brackets Struck through

[x] ... [/x]

Makes the text between the brackets HIDDEN (can be used for spoilers and riddles)



URL's starting with "http" or "https" are automatically converted into clickable links. When the URL is followed by quotes, the text inside the quotes are used as the label. E.g.:"My favorite news site"


Adds a bookmark to a post in the same room. These bookmark numbers can be obtained under Review Mode (by clicking "Book"). E.g.: bookmark://346246"Cat's funny rant"