Quaker Center Online Meeting for Worship

Welcome to Quaker Center's online meeting for worship. We meet daily from 7:30 to 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

* Please arrive a few minutes early to settle into worship.

* Tell us your name and what city and country (if not obvious) you are in.

* The meeting for worship, though held here in a chat room, is not a chat or a discussion. We wait in silence, sink below our own thoughts and plans, and wait for the gift of God's immediate guidance.

A word on ministry: from time to time a participant may be led to offer ministry.

* This ministry is a gift of the Holy Spirit, God speaking through one of us.

* We do not respond to that ministry here, though we may be led to respond to it in our lives.

We will close worship shortly after 8 AM by virtually shaking hands.

To enter the room, please identify yourself below:

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