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HMV Helpline/Chat

Welcome to the HMV Helpline.
You can post here off-topic, and ask questions for other members of /hmv/, while keeping threads clearer and longer lasting.

If you got linked to here from the thread, chances are you posted something, that should be here instead.

If you're unfortunate, and the room is empty, or nobody answered your question. It's a pity, but it doesn't mean you should re-post in /hmv/ thread. Just try a different time period.

To enter the room, please identify yourself below.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NEW USERS:You enter the room at your own risk. Use your common sense. If you communicate with people you don't know, be aware that they may be dishonest. Notice that identities are unreliable. We have a strict Privacy Policy, but your IP address is logged and can be used to identify you in case of misconduct. All services are provided "as is" with no warranties, as described in Chatzy's Terms of Use.

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