Teen Depression Chat Room

This is a place for instant support for any teenagers suffering from depression who need some help.

Currently {OPEN}

Room will be opened at random times.

For those who seek permanent help:

Follow those steps:

1) Believe in Allah (God)

2) Convert to Islam

3) Become a righteous Muslim

You will then never become helpless nor depressed as Allah will always be there for you through every hardship , given that you are a righteous and a true Muslim by Heart.

How to convert to Islam? :


To know more about Islam:


That site has everything you need.


>A Muslim will never feel depressed.



"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest" [Quran 13:28]


"And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind."

[Quran 20:124]


Questions? Need guidance?

Email: OnlyAllahCanHelp@hotmail.com

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